Korea Education Program (KEP)

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, in-person KEP will not be held in summer 2021. Instead, we encourage interested high school and college students to uplift the history of Japanese military sexual slaves through artistic expressions! Click HERE for info and application form.

Every summer since 2018, WRAPBA organizes a group of high school and college students to participate in the International Forum on WWII Military Sexual Slavery in S. Korea. Korea Education Program (KEP) students join students from Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Taiwan in 4 days of intensive discussions. The forum is sponsored by Masan, Changwon, Jinhae Civil Assembly for Japanese Military Sexual Slaves, and KEP students receive grant from the Korean government for participating. KEP group also visit Seoul to participate in the Wednesday Demonstration for Comfort Women recognition that has been ongoing since 1992.

All participants of the 2018 International Forum on WWII Military Sexual Slavery.
Experiential activities
Discussions with students from different nations.
Listen to first-hand stories from Grandmother Lee Yong Soo, a survivor of WWII Sexual Slavery.
Lifelong friendship formed across cultures and languages.
Participation in Wednesday Demonstration in Seoul.
Visit to the Women’s Human Rights Museum in Seoul.

2018 KEP Conference Videos


  1. Educate next generation of men and women about WWII
  2. Teach what happens to women when war breaks out
  3. Discuss sexual slavery issues
  4. Ask, where do you want to be five years from now?


Education of the public about the atrocities of sex slavery during WWII and the personal tragedies that still haunt the victims.

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