Seek Justice. Restore Dignity.


The Women’s Rights and Peace of Bay Area (WRAPBA) commits to host activities and programs to:

  1. Foster a peaceful environment and just society where women are liberated from unfair treatments and vulnerable situations;
  2. Educate and empower youths and young adults to actively lead and participate in activities and movements that promote women’s rights;
  3. Create opportunities for cross-cultural and cross-national discussions and community-building for youths and young adults through international forums and training programs;
  4. Stand in solidarity with women elders who lived the history of suffering and hold the wisdom of survival and perseverance;
  5. Raise the voices and experiences of the marginalized and oppressed, especially but not exclusively women and children of color, through cultural, informational, and educational activities;
  6. Provide platform for discussions and exchanges between Asian Pacific and Asian American communities on shared issues and shared humanity;
  7. Promote the awareness that women’s rights issues affect everyone—they are human rights issues.

WRAPBA is a 501c non-profit organization located in San Rafael, California.

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