Our UNESCO project is as follows: 

We are asking members to take a picture of themself in front and back while wearing the t-shirt and email to wrapba@gmail.com

Below t-shirts are designed by our student Malaya Gibson and Comfort Women Kim, Soon Duk Halmuni 

Place to order: Vista print 

The copies of your photo will not be in public, we will gather all the photos from Korea, U.S. Philippines,Taiwan and forward it to UNESCO. 

Below is why we are doing this project. 

We, the participants of the 2019 International Young Adult Forum, submit this letter to demand that UNESCO expedite the process of the registration of all the resources and historical documents pertaining to the issue of “Comfort Women”, victims of Japanese Wartime Military Sexual Slavery, in the UNESCO Memory of the World Program. 

We are students and advocates who believe that the historical injustice perpetrated on hundreds of thousands of victims must be accounted for by Japan.

Japan committed these atrocities during WWII, but it has so far shown neither acknowledgement nor remorse for its wrong doings. 

Historically, in 1991 Hak Sun Kim filed suit against the Japanese government and in 1996, the International Hague court of Justices confirmed that it was a crime against humanity. Therefore, we oppose the interference of the Japanese government in this process of granting official registration. To the resources and historical documents  

It is the responsibility of UNESCO to act in accordance with its mandate and not allow itself to be subject to the pressures of the Japanese government. 

We shall launch sustained actions within our own countries and at the international level to press for the demand.

The Women’s Rights and Peace of Bay Area

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