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Dear All, 


Your help is needed to bring justice to the Philippines in the cases of murdered activist Jory Porquia and the arrest of his daughter Krisma and 41 others who sought  justice for the terrible crime.

Porquia, a Presbyterian minister, was shot nine times by unknown assailants in his home on April 30, 2020. A social activist who was previously jailed for protesting removal of comfort women statues from his country, Porquia was managing relief operations and an educational campaign on the coronavirus disease COVID-19 to poor communities in Iloilo City. His efforts to help the poor during the health crisis were encouraged by the city mayor. However, members of the police, who some speculate took orders from national generals rather than local officials, harassed Porquia during his relief efforts by preventing volunteer activities and by spreading false rumors about contaminated food.

We must spread the word of the good works accomplished by Porquia during his lifetime, to highlight this terrible crime, and to bring the murderers to justice. During much of his life, Porquia worked tirelessly for the masses. He served as officer-in-charge of the National Youth Commission under then-President Cory Aquino. He became an overseas Filipino worker and organized and advocated for Filipino migrants’ rights, helping to form a Migrante chapter in a local province. He helped establish the progressive Bayan Muna Party-list as well.

Our hearts go out to his daughter Krisma, to her family, and to all the people helped through the tireless work of this inspirational man. Their loss is truly the world’s loss. Krisma was arrested by local authorities when she and 41 others participated in a caravan of vehicles to memorialize her father and to seek justice for him. The protesters have been released on bail.

We have prepared letter for krisma and 41 others but her attorney asked us to wait so in few days when they ask me to send the letter, I will ask you to sand another letter to the Philippines.  

We have the sample petition letter attached below. One seeks speedy, unbiased justice for the senseless killing of Jory Porquia. Please reach out to people of influence and authority around the world and ask them to write letters to the authorities in Iloilo City to seek justice.

Names and addresses of officials to be contacted are in the attached file below. You can email your signed letter to WRAPBA’s email and we will print and mail all of them together. Or email/post on facebook using the information on the contact list document below.

We cannot let such human rights violations to go uninvestigated and unpunished.

Thank you.

Jong Lee, Director of WRAPBA

PS post stamp cost to 1st class is $1.94

Please sign you name and under signer and email a letter so I can send it to Philippians, or email to Mayors office and Human Rights commissioner office.

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